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At Sustainable Structures of Texas (SSOTX), our team of trained and experienced LEED® Accredited Professionals build to U.S. Green Building Standards and use LEED® for third party certification of "green".  


As pioneers in sustainable and green building/construction, we pride ourselves in the use of recyclables, green building materials, and the latest sustainable processes.  However, we are just as concerned with proven construction science, advanced framing techniques, solar orientation, and Lean construction methods that promote durability, efficiency, indoor environmental quality, sound building practices, and focused customer satisfaction delivery.


We believe that your home should reflect the same character and values of who you are as an individual.  This belief is what guides our work.  We collaborate with our clients, using forward thinking green and sustainable building techniques, to craft a truly one-of-a-kind-home.


Our eco-friendly homes are designed with precision and built to last.  Environmental sustainability is very important to us.  We strategically plan your home to minimize our overall carbon foot print as well as the impact on natural ecosystems and work hard to meet your goals without compromising value or safety.


Lee graduated from Texas A&M University in 1981 with a degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered engineer in the state of Texas. He previously held management positions with Emerson Partners, Inc., Raymond Construction, Austin Commercial, and Austin Bridge Company in Dallas Texas. He is accredited with LEED® AP. Lee is actively involved with the North Texas USGBC Chapter and in the past held positions with the National USGBC as a LEED® for Homes Advocate, Advisory Board Member, and Regional LEED®ND Task Force Chairman.


With an extensive forty-year career in construction and construction management, Lee has established effective systems and procedures that have ensured the timely completion and quality production of homes, commercial/retail buildings, industrial warehouses, portions of the Interstate Highway system, major railways, DFW Airport terminal expansions, and mass transportation.


Lee Hall is currently the CEO of Sustainable Structures of Texas. He started the company in 2006 with the goal of improving product delivery through Lean and LEED processes in every area of development, design, project management, and construction.


Sam Hall, a LEED® AP for Homes, graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design in 2009. During that time he studied architecture and design abroad in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy, for four months. In 2006 he began working for Keystone Millwork in Bryan, Texas, as a Draftsman and Custom Millwork detailer. After graduation, he was promoted to Manufacturing Engineer, Process Innovator, and Assistant Project Manager for Keystone Millwork’s modular home division, and eventually ended his tenure as the Lead Estimator in 2011.


As President since 2011, Sam has made it his goal to build in a way that clients and architects will be proud of. With 13 years of experience in “best-practice” building methods, his professional background in manufacturing processes and project management is essential in producing quality, comfortable spaces, on time and on budget that clients enjoy for years. His education in design and architecture allow us to provide projects we will stand behind without compromising the unique designs and architecture that have become of staple of each Sustainable Structures of Texas project.


Brenda graduated from Texas A&M University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She worked as a Financial Analyst for Sun Oil Company in Dallas until 1984 when she became a “stay-at-home Mom”. In 2009, she joined Sustainable Structures of Texas as Controller. In addition to her accounting duties, Brenda performs as a design consultant, interacting with clients, architects, and designers to assist in sourcing project materials and in the supervision of projects during the close-out stages.

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